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Our Story

It all started when our founder and president, Eytan Sebag, owned several kiosks in a mall and would receive many incoming shipments from his suppliers via Fedex. He was troubled by the amount of late packages that arrived and started making calls to receive refunds, and it worked. He was so surprised at both how much money he was saving on shipping and how many late deliveries there were and thought – why not make a business out of this?

Soon Eytan learned the tricks of the trade through experience and in 2008 Betachon Freight Auditing was born. Eytan and his partner Jonathan (and brother) started networking with all their contacts and pretty much any company that was shipping with Fedex or UPS so they could share with them their little secret. Some clients such as Dillon Precision even switched their Freight Auditor to Betachon after proving to them in only one month how much more they saved them. Betachon saved that client over $50,000 alone in the first year which is about 8% of their total small parcel cost.

Betachon works with companies in industries such as electronics, apparel, hardware, jewelry, firearm equipment, aircraft parts, and much more. With locations in Scottsdale, AZ and Bet Shemesh, Israel, Betachon constantly strives for increased satisfaction and customer service for all our clients.

Betachon has partnerships and integrations with UPIC Insurance, Util Audit, HZ Telecom, England Logistics, and Shipsurance to provide our clients with increased savings opportunities.

The Executive Team

Eytan Sebag
Founder & President

In 2008 Eytan founded Betachon as a cost savings solutions to all small parcel shippers. Eytan received his B.A. at University of Arizona in 2007 and in 2011 received his MBA from Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv to enrich his “hands on” business knowledge and further grow the company. Today, he’s largely responsible for the vision and day-to-day operations of Betachon. As an entrepreneur at heart, he is constantly developing new ideas on how to maximize savings for companies. Eytan currently lives in Israel with his wife and 3 children..

Eytan was recently featured on Voyage Phoenix .com! Take a look here – http://voyagephoenix.com/interview/meet-eytan-sebag-betachon-freight-auditing-scottsdale/

Jonathan Sebag Jonathan Sebag
Co-Founder & CFO

Jonathan helped create Betachon with his brother Eytan in 2008 and joined the team full time in 2010. While handling the finances for multiple ebay and Amazon businesses, Jonathan gained key knowledge in the financial and accounting sectors. He currently lives in Long Island, NY.

Yisrael Lunzer Israel Lunzer

Yisrael joined the Betachon team in 2010 and has been a key asset in maintaining the functionality of the overall auditing process. Yisrael supervises the day to day operations of the auditing software and auditing team. With almost a decade of experience in the freight industry, he is able to intuitively navigate through many aspects of shipping operations to ensure the seamless delivery of Betachon’s services.

Rasim Rasim Sayakhov

Since 2013, Rasim has been largely responsible for the development and upkeep of the custom built auditing software. With over ten years of experience in working with MYSQL and API implementation, Rasim focuses on the growth and stability of all the technology involved, including security of the client’s data.

Rebecca David Aryeh
Director of Sales
Rebecca Rebecca Dobkin
Administrative Assistant