The Dawn of The Drone

Will FedEx and UPS Use Drones to Speed Up Deliveries? Nowadays technology is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Once upon a time the concept of driverless cars and robotic arms that can help surgeons to save lives were regarded as pure folly, but not anymore. The digital revolution is very real and is set […]


The Secrets to Becoming a Fedex and UPS ‘Power User’

Identifying the most profitable shipping carrier for your business ultimately depends on your unique distribution priorities. Consider your product, customer base, price point, as well as the speed, cost and reliability of the carriers between settling for either FedEx or UPS. Once you opt for either option, remember that these carriers tend to dominate pricing and contractual agreements in the market for small parcel shipping, so learn their trade secrets and become a Power User to save on your transportation expenses.


UPS going green with 90 million dollar investment in natural gas powered vehicles and fueling stations

UPS Natural Gas Vehicle being refueled at station. (Source: Photo: Business Wire) UPS just announced yet another step into taking control of the alternative fuel market while continuing to reduce its environmental footprint. And what would this new step be? Natural gas. The shipping giant has put into paper that it plans to build an […]


New UPS Labeling improves transit time for international shipments

Have you ever had to endure the long days, maybe even weeks, of delay whenever using an international shipping service? Have you dreaded waiting for customs clearance and the added delay for products when they reach the distribution centers? Well, UPS recently announced a service that will significantly diminish those long and painful waits. Now […]


Fuel Prices and Fuel Surcharges – What’s the deal?

While ongoing oil glut has been increasingly painful to both US truckers and traditional petroleum exporters worldwide, it’s also been a welcome relief to the average driver. As the fuel for our cars comes from the same oil as the airplanes and trucks that move our freight, common sense would dictate that the same lower […]

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