E-commerce and Christmas – A Match Made in Shopping Heaven?

“Christmas is a coming,” and not only is the goose getting fat, but online sales are also expected to be bigger and better. With consumers frantically searching for the right gift for Auntie Mary and a whole host of other family and friends, it’s the time of year when retailers can maximize profits and sell, sell, sell!

With sales up, there will be more deliveries to organise too, and unless you have your very own Santa sleigh, you will have to spend more money on getting your goods to your customers. FedEx, UPS and the likes will be rubbing their hands together with glee.

Delivery companies love Christmas too, but even the professionals don’t always get every single thing spot on. During this hectic time parcels can be mishandled or delivered late and paperwork and charges are occasionally inaccurate.

As a business owner you’re busy enough at Christmas without having to monitor each delivery and check everything is correct from start to end. This is where a FedEx freight audit and UPS freight audit can be useful. A small parcel audit serves as an excellent way to check for any discrepancies, thus allowing you to claim money back from delivery companies.

But before you start thinking about a FedEx audit and UPS audit let’s take a look at how you can maximise your Christmas selling potential. Ecommerce and Christmas go together like turkey and stuffing, so make sure you don’t miss out!

Get in Early.

You should start to target new customers as soon as possible. Offer a percentage off for the first order and perhaps a percentage off the third order too (to reward loyalty). Build a rapport with your customers – they may well come back and are likely to spend more in December as they tick off that extensive Christmas list.

Give the Gift Something for Nothing.

Delivery charges can put off potential buyers. Customers love the feeling of getting something for nothing and offering free delivery is a great way to increase sales. You must make sure you deliver when you say you will too – use reliable delivery companies. You can always carry out a small parcel audit afterwards to assess how well the delivery process went.

Keep Them Coming Back for More.

It’s vital to hold the interest of your audience, there are competitors around every corner, who are ready and willing to take your customers. Offer exclusive festive promotions – daily deals are a great way to keep things fresh.

Make Sure Your Customer Service Team Are on The Good List.

This means ensuring all queries are followed up, emails are answered and customers are kept happy. A query can lead to a profitable sale, so don’t miss anything. Even if you are a solo trader there’s no excuse for poor communication.

Details are as Important as Ribbons and Bows.

Have clear policies on your site, customers like clarification on deliveries and returns (they want to know how they will get their goods and how to send them back if needs be). Consumers may swerve your company if they don’t think you are clear on your terms or can’t find the information they require.

Jingle Their Bells.

Make sure your website embraces the season. You can add festive images and music to ring the changes. Give your site that warm and festive glow that consumers can’t help but associate with Christmas. Consider offering a wrapping service, your customer may appreciate the option of sending their chosen product straight to its recipient.

We Wish You a Merry (and profitable) Christmas.

Enjoy the festive season and the increase in sales, it’s a time for good cheer and goodwill, so consider sending your customer a voucher with their product. The voucher could offer them a discount if they buy from you again in January. Repeat business Is good business! Finally make sure you put freight auditing on your own wish list, explore the possibility of recovering some money with a UPS freight audit and FedEx freight audit, after all a little bit of money back will be great in your Christmas stocking!