Frequently Asked Questions

1.How much time is required for us to get started and what information is necessary?
2.How far back can you audit our bills?
3.What are some of the factors for receiving credits on our invoices?
4.How can I verify the credits?
5.Can you still audit our freight bills if we have a Money Back Guarantee Waiver in our contract?
6.Will my relationship with FedEx/UPS be jeopardized?
7.Why can’t we just audit the bills ourselves?
8.But we already get good discounts with our shipping carrier so why do I need you?
9.Why can’t I just have our FedEx or UPS Rep take care of this for us?
10.Is it really worth it for you to audit our bills if there probably isn’t much money to be saved?
11.What if I don’t want to give you access to my online account?
12.Is it safe providing you access to my online account?
13.What if we already use another 3rd party auditor to audit our bills?
14.Why can’t we just do the contract negotiation ourselves?
15.How much does your auditing solution cost?