Fedex & UPS Audit

Fedex Audit and UPS Audit

We consider over 40 factors for refunds Both Ground and Express shipments are audited

Fedex and UPS audit

-Service Performance Summary -Status summary -GSR Credit Listing -Service Statistics -and many more!

Get your Refunds

-Late Deliveries (GSR) -Address Correction Fees -Residential Charges -Duplicate Charges

Access your Analytical and Credit Reports

-Service Performance Summary -Status summary -GSR Credit Listing -Service Statistics -and many more!

So why choose us over all the others?

Simply put, we will recover you more money. We don’t only rely on our software to get you the refunds (like most auditors out there do) but also have an entire team of well trained auditors who call the carrier on your behalf to ensure maximum savings. For example, our software can’t claim refunds on shipments that were late due to delivery exceptions beyond the carrier’s control, such as weather and custom delays, business closed, etc. So our auditing staff uses our relationships with the reps as leverage to obtain a full or partial refund on those shipments – and that adds up! In addition, you never come out of pocket, can use us month to month (most auditors make you sign a 1-3 year contract), and get access to over 30 state of the art analytical and credit reports!

Your Cost

We only charge 50% of the total refunds that we claimed on your behalf. So if we don’t get you any refunds in a given month, you don’t owe us a penny. It’s that simple.