How It Works

How The Shipping Audit Works

Create an Account

-Fill out our online form with your shipping credentials and contact info

-We get access to the invoices

We Claim the Refunds

-Using our custom built software and manual audit team, we do a 40-point audit on your invoices

-We get refunds for late deliveries (GSR’s), address correction fees, residential fees, etc.

Get Access to your Reports

-You will get 24-7 access to over 30 analytical reports for free.

This includes:

-Dispute/Credit Reports

-Invoice summary

-Service Statistics

-Cost per pound

-and many more!

Sit Back and Relax

-Literally that’s what you’ll do since we will do all the work from A-Z.

-Now you can focus on other tasks while being assured you are not being overcharged one penny more on your Fedex/UPS shipping costs.

Again, our only fee is 50% of the savings

NO monthly fee | No upfront costs | No cancellation fee | No Contract

We will send you an invoice at the end of each month that shows the refunds that were recovered and how you can easily verify them online. All credits are verified twice before you receive our invoice. Our billing department is easily accessible to you if you have any questions on how to verify the refunds.

So let’s get your owed refunds now and stop donating money back to your shipping carrier!