Betachon will identify overcharges and service failures with your shipments and claim the refunds on your behalf. Obviously the carrier doesn’t make it so simple and leave it up to YOU to initiate the process. That’s where we come into the picture.

The following are examples of some of the 40 factors that we take into account while claiming for a refund:

Late Deliveries

Otherwise known as a GSR (Guaranteed Service Refund). You are entitled to a full or partial refund even if the shipment was only a minute late!

Incorrect Dimensional Weight

The carrier overcharged you on the dim weight, based on the actual weight and dim weight calculation.

Residential Fees

The carrier charges you a residential fee when in fact it was a commercial address.

Address Correction Fees

Sometimes the carrier will charge you an address correction fee even if it was misspelled by one letter or you had the correct address on the original label.

Saturday Delivery Fee

The carrier charged a saturday delivery fee when in fact it was not picked up or delivered on Saturday.

Duplicate Charges

A shipment was billed more than once on the same or different invoice.

Voided Shipments

The shipment was entered into the carrier system and manifested, but never actually shipped (only for UPS).

Incorrect Rate

The carrier applied the incorrect discounts to your shipment for a specific service type so we request a refund for the difference.

How You will Receive the Refunds

About 99% of the time the credit is posted to your account and you will simply short pay the invoice. So let’s say your original invoice was $3,000 and after our audit it came to only $2,000. You will automatically pay for the revised invoice and will receive in invoice from us at the end of the month for the $1,000 savings.

Here’s an example of a late delivery (GSR) audit:

Let’s say you are shipping a $30 package from Dallas via Fedex 2 Day service on Monday to Chicago. Assuming it’s not a residence, the package is scheduled to arrive by 4:30 on Wednesday. Low and behold the package arrives at 4:35pm – how will you know you are entitled for a refund? The carrier obviously doesn’t inform you of that and leaves it up to YOU to find the late shipments and request credit. Our team and software will automatically locate that shipment and claim a refund of $35 for you.

These cases happen ALL THE TIME and we contact the carrier right away to make sure you are being refunded. Again, we only get paid a percentage of the savings and only after you verify the credit on your account.

The Carrier leaves it up to YOU to request the refunds