“Betachon has, in only 2 months, recovered over $12,000 for our company in logistic expenses. Betachon would be an asset to any organization and I am happy to give them my wholehearted endorsement.”

Larry Brenson Recovered over 12k in 2 months Firearms Equipment Shipping Manager

“Betachon recovered us over $160,000 in the first year alone on our courier costs. I was so thrilled that we even made a chart with their results and put it up in our warehouse for all to view. I don’t have to do anything except verify the credits as everything is all automatic. We consider Betachon to be a huge asset to my department and it is with great pleasure to recommend them to anyone who wants to cut down on their shipping costs.”

Christine Padron Recovered Us Over $160,000 In The 1st Year Alone Aircraft Supply Director of Logistics, Transportation & Compliance

“Since we do a lot of international shipping, Betachon has proved to be a huge asset to our company. They have saved us a lot of money since we started with them. They are very reliable, easily accessible and 100% customer service oriented. They audit all our shipments for late, weight or claim issues and earn every penny for their work. Betachon is like having our own shipping representative in our office! We could never have done this on our own.”

Wynter David It’s Like Having Our Own Shipping Representative Firearms Traffic Coordinator

“We thought our internal audit system was catching all service failures and overcharges. Betachon offered a no obligation offer to their freight audit solution that seemed like a no brainer. Their audits consistently produce about 200-300% more refunds than what we were getting!”

Chaim Lusky 200-300% More Refunds! Electronics CEO

“Starting out I was afraid to do this thinking that it would take a lot of my time. It took me only 15 minutes to give my information to Betachon and now I have a lifetime of savings.”

Kevin Colburn Only 15 Min Set Up Time Electronics Logistics Manger

“We have been very pleased with Betachon since we started with them and are very impressed with their work. We were shocked to find that Betachon receives credits on shipments that were late due to customs and weather delays since normally they are not due for refunds. Our only wish is that we should have used Betachon’s service much earlier!”

Etty Yanai They Get Even Delivery Exception Credits Makeup Controller

“As frequent express and international shippers, we have been fortunate to partner with Betachon, and have known them to be a huge asset to our company. They are very reliable, easily accessible, and 100% customer service oriented. They earn every penny for their work and I recommend any company who wants to reduce their shipping costs to use them.”

Joe Sharp Reliable, Accessible, Great Service Massage Therapy Chief Operating Officer

“With Betachon, I came to realize how much I’ve been overpaying Fedex. Betachon put my mind at ease and did all the work for me. Needless to say, the money they saved us isn’t chump change and will be reinvested to promote further business growth.”

Tim Dean All The Work Done For Me Toys Traffic Manager